About Jim

Jim Adamczyk

I am a technology consultant, investor and coach to startups in the B2B software business.

I consult with software companies, and services firms creating software businesses on their strategy, acquisitions, post-merger integration and engineering and technology.  This consulting is based upon my experience leading technology initiatives and organizations, as well as planning and executing acquisitions of services and software companies.

I combine that technology experience with entrepreneurial experience leading a start-up and a small business to drive my personal investments in technology-based startups as well as mentoring and advising startups from conception through early stage investments.

I was trained as a Civil Engineer with a focus on Construction Project Management but after some early work experience and a serendipitous choice of employers I ended up working at the Consulting Division of Arthur Andersen in 1982.  Andersen gave me the training, experience and opportunities that enabled me to rise from Programmer to Partner in ten years working on a variety of projects with a technology focus and working in the US, the Philippines and Japan, including launching offshore teaming for development and testing in 1987.  After leaving the then Andersen Consulting in 1998 to pursue some other interests including starting an internet-based specialty foods distributor and owning a restaurant.  I rejoined Accenture in 2001 to work on technology strategy for clients, lead the creation of a specialty business process management practice (including successfully acquiring a boutique services firm) and six years as CTO of Accenture’s Software Group where I worked on technology strategy for a suite of B2B software products, as well as leading due diligence and post-merger integration for six software products.

Since 2014 I have been an independent consultant working with small software companies, and larger services firms with their software and product strategies.  I have been mentoring start-up companies and increasing my portfolio of Angel Investments.  I serve as a Director for a number of software and service companies.

For more details on my experience please see my LinkedIn Profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpadamczyk

Back in the days of paper and pencils, Andersen used to publish a book with profiles of their Partners, we actually called it the “facebook”. When I retired in 2014 a friend sent my a scan from the 1996 edition.