Technology Strategy

When I help clients with their technology strategy the objective is to find the technology that works best, can be implemented, supported and operated on-budget and meets or exceeds the business’ expectation. Earlier in my career I’ve been an evangelist and pioneer of new technologies ranging from replacing mainframe computing with servers to object oriented programming to business process automation and cloud computing. I’ve learned that any technology can be made to work, or can work to make the business fail. So, I help clients develop strategies that they can actually implement with the budget, resources and time they have available.

Product Strategy

Given my experience I’m able to work with companies to apply technology to their software product strategies. I focus on B2B products in the areas of Financial Services and Business Process Management. I drive the strategy from business objectives supported by realistic implementation abilities and technology capabilities. I help product managers who are experts in their business functions and markets understand what they can do, when they can do it, and their trade-offs.

Due Diligence

Acquisition is a way of life in the software and services business. A key to successfully executing an acquisition is understanding the target, understanding how you can benefit from the acquisition, and how to execute the acquisition. I’ve had experience digging into services and software companies, working in the tight timeframes and tense circumstances of due diligence to understand, assess and plan for a successful acquisition. I have a proven set of guidelines for gathering information, testing and analyzing the technology, engineering, support and strategy of a software company working in the B2B market.

Post Merger Integration

Buying a software or services firm is half the battle. Even if the due diligence was excellent, the PMI is the key to success. I’ve learned through experience that it’s critical to create plans that reflect the reality of the people, technology and processes of both the acquiring and acquired companies. Often the acquisition business case includes investments to achieve synergies and efficiencies that require the rapid execution of complex projects. I bring the experience and discipline to help plan and execute projects, often in environments that aren’t used to that approach.

Team Effectiveness

After a long career in technology I’ve become convinced that our ability to work together as teams is the best predictor of success. I’ve developed a rapid team assessment protocol based upon six dimensions of performance. I’m able to bring my executive experience to quickly assess a software engineering team and make recommendations for improvement. I have worked with teams to improve their performance using assessment and coaching tools. I combine these proven, science-based tools with my experience to make the tools real and useful to software engineers.